Meet Dana

Life Coach &

Your Personal Facilitator of Slow Living

Life coaching has helped me focus on my goals, and hold me accountable to those goals that I have set for myself. Learning the techniques and tools needed to coach other women who are living a life without purpose, has helped me to actualize my dream of becoming a coach.

With a degree in Human Development & Sociology, almost two decades of experience, and a certificate in Personal Development Coaching, I have the training, tools, and knowledge to help women design lives worth living.

You are the master of you, your life, and how you live it. So, take the time to make sure that you are living it the way that serves you.


Five Fun Facts About Dana


I love reading, and I can devour at LEAST one book a week, and those are usually trashy romance novels. I love them, and they give me so much blissful, uncomplicated joy. 


In my head, I’m a rockstar, and can sing and play the mandolin and guitar. Please note that I cannot do any of these things, but in my head I totally can. In truth, I love live music, and I live for outdoor music festivals in the summer. A summer without this, is a sad summer indeed. 


I gave birth to my 2nd tiny human (baby) in a college residence hall… on purpose. No, I wasn’t a student, but I did live on campus while working in residence life. Students that I have worked with always loved that fun fact.


I consider myself to be a multipotentialite. I have many interests and am extremely creative. I find it so hard to limit myself, but am constantly working on how to make room for what is really important to me, and only pursue that. Learning that I can be interested in a lot of things, but I do not have to do allllll of the things is a continuous learning process. 


I have a slight obsession with the art of doing nothing. “Productivity” in today’s world is overrated, and over expected in ways that are damaging to society, workplaces, families, and the soul. I believe that there has to be a better way, and I am on a mission to figure that out for myself, as well as my clients.