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“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.
-Audre Lorde.”

Meet Dana

Life Coach & Your Personal Slow Living Facilitator

I have spent the past couple of years trying to figure out the perfect formula for slowing down my life. Not age, but the day to day. Slowing down the rush, the overcommitments, and the personal clutter that comes with dutiful relationships, social engagements, not being able to say “no” or letting go of things that do not serve me. I know for a fact that I am not alone in this endeavor. Our society has forced this upon us and has made us feel like we are unproductive if we are not always moving, doing, planning, or collecting. 


At this point, you are likely wondering “what's her point?” My point is that we do not live in a culture where time, personal values, family, and friends are typically a priority. We live in a quantity over quality-driven society. “How much?” feels like a common practice when we are trying to figure out how much we can fit into our calendars. How many commitments, how many things can fit in the closet, and how much time am I willing to let other people take from me. As women, as mothers, partners, daughters, and friends, we have a bad habit of prioritizing other people's needs and wants over our own. 


In my life, the roles that I hold are a mother, a sister, a friend, a doula, and a coach. Those roles are all the same. We are all the same. We are creators of life, of vision, or and supporters who challenge and hold space for our loved ones as well as our clients. 


In my role as a coach, I am committed to supporting my clients through the process of birthing new visions, goals, and creating intentional and authentic lives. I do not want us to just declutter our closets, and write down gratitudes and intentions. I created this plan to help not only my clients, but also myself find a better way to slow down, declutter our lives of not only objects, but things that waste our time, waste our energy, and ultimately do not serve us. 

What I Specialize In

Slowing Down

Values-Centered Living


Goal Setting

Personalized Intentional Living Roadmap

Camera Books

The journey towards living with purpose begins on a path of intention. Begin your journey today!

"Dana shares her skills of listening and understanding naturally. She does not project what she thinks upon you rather takes the time to understand what is important to you as a person and your values as she helps you find your unique path to obtaining your goals and aspirations."

-Araiña M.

"Dana is real, raw, and demonstrates a kind honesty. She is a phenomenal listener with great energy & demeanor that encourages honesty. That honesty is one of the best qualities she has to strip out all the barriers for individual success."

- Mariana E. 

"Beyond being an incredibly grounded, driven, and empathetic human - Dana's professional insights have been absolutely transforming for me and my individual and professional development."

- Larissa H.

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