Start's September 15th!

un*hustled Black girl is a 12-week community for Black womxn who are exhausted with feeling hurried, rushed, overwhelmed, and are having a difficult time finding time and space for themselves, and their businesses. 


The un*hustled Black girl group program, includes online course modules on boundaries, time management, values, goal setting, and more. This is truly a community-oriented space that we will co-create together with other Black womxn.

What is this???

What this is: 

  • Black womxn who are ready to align their values with who they are and what they do

  • Utilize deep self-alignment to slow down and remove the hustle from their lives

  • Ready to create, set, and implement boundaries for self, and others 

  • Opportunity to create and set SLOW goals (sustainable, liberating,  goals, obtainable, that are directly connected to your WHY) utilizing the SLOW goals framework


What this isn’t: 

  • 100% one on one coaching, or 100% group coaching. It can be both with the VIP upgrade! The VIP upgrade coupled with the group experience will allow you to get the one-on-one support that you need and couple that with a group of like-minded womxn to build community and mutual support with. 



Week 1: online module | a beginner’s guide to being an un*hustled Black girl

Week 2: group coaching | values & why

Week 3: group hypnosis | leaning into your values 

Week 4: guest expert

Week 5: online module | boundaries

Week 6: group coaching | boundaries

Week 7: hypnosis | slowing down

Week 8: guest expert 

Week 9: online module | SLOW goals & mapping your next move un*hustled

Week 10: group coaching | goal setting

Week 11: hypnosis | money mindset

Week 12: guest expert 

Yellow Bike

Group Program

$555 investment or

$200 3-month payment plan

  • A group coaching experience with subconscious healing using (NLP) neuro-linguistic programming, positive psychology, & hypnosis. 

  • Monthly 

    • group coaching (recorded) 

    • online learning modules 

    • guest experts 

    • Group hypnotherapy sessions on:

      • Slowing down

      • Boundaries

      • Relaxation/stress management

  • Private Facebook community​

  • Workbook

Assortment of Books

Group Program 

with VIP upgrade

$1997 investment or

$675 3-month payment plan

Everything in the group program, plus

  • a special gift in the mail 

  • bi-weekly 1 on 1 coaching sessions (6 sessions) with dana 

  • 90-days of private Voxer support with Dana 

The VIP upgrade is perfect for those who have projects, goals, or challenges that they are working on or want to work on and need a little help. 

What you will get

Gain knowledge and tools to help you create sustainable and lasting changes for your emotional and mental health

Recognize changes in your mindset to shift from scarcity to one of worthiness & abundance to create generational wealth for you and your family 

Recognize and create systems to fight against internal oppressive structures and mindset so that you can own your power

Frequently Asked Questions

Is un*hustled Black girl only for womxn?

No. un*hustled Black girl is open to anyone who identifies as Black and identifies as a womxn or non-binary. 


How long is the un*hustled Black girl program? 

un*hustled Black girl is a 12-week program. 


Once I start, can I stop the program? 

No. To maintain the integrity of the program, which was created in part to build community among Black womxn who are wanting to live a more purposeful and slower life, I ask that everyone commit to the full 12 weeks. Cancellations and refunds are not permitted.


When will un*hustled Black girl officially begin? 

We will start in mid-September. 


When will enrollment open again? 

Doors will reopen in December with a January 2022 start.


Are the online courses inclusive of everyone? 

Yes. Whereas the online courses can be applied to anyone, the community aspect of the program is exclusively for Black womxn and non-binary folks. 


How long will you have access to the online courses for the program?

You will have access to the courses and call recordings for the duration of the program.


Is there a free trial option?

There is not a free trial option, however, there is a free Facebook group for un*hustled Black girls. Unfortunately, you will not have access to any of the online courses, hypnosis, or group coaching.


Is the un*hustled Black girl private? 

Yes. you will receive a username and password to log into the courses. Only program members will be permitted to attend our live group sessions. In addition to the online course modules, you will also have access to a private Facebook group that will be available to program members. 


What if I miss a call? 

Don’t worry! All calls will be recorded and uploaded for our private group to view when you are able to catch up.