are you ready to,

live more, while doing less?

Are you currently: 

👉  Living a messy & cluttered life

👉  Have zero time for yourself

👉  Your mind is cluttered with all of the things, yet none of the things are actually important

👉  Have no time for family and friends

👉  Have zero understanding of your personal values, nor able to identify what those are

👉  Searching for more time. Time in your calendar. Time in your day. Just time!

👉  Not enjoying your life, and keep saying “tomorrow, I will.. “

👉  Walking through your days, doing shit with minimal effort, with minimal energy

👉  Having a hard time saying “NO!”

👉  Overwhelmed

Believe me! I get it!

I’ve been there, and there are times when I have to fight back the urge to go back there. 

Are you ready to live where you can live more while doing less?!

With this package, you will get 4 weeks of focused, intentional work to help you focus on your values, goals, and figure out what you want this next year of your life to look like. We are going to clean out those metaphorical closets of clutter, and focus on the shit that really matters. To get to the heart of it, we are going to start with YOU! Yes, girl! You are the one that matters in all of this. 

Week 1 | What's Up & Why? 

What is holding you back? We will go deep in figuring out what brought you to this group. It is so hard naming the obstacles that are holding us back from creating the lives that we want to live. This is the time to be brave, and kick obstacles asses!


Find out what is important to you, and find a way to articulate THAT to other people. When you know your why and are able to articulate that to others, they too will know what you are about, and most importantly, what you are NOT about. Girl, it’s time to set them boundaries!!


Week 2 | Picture It!

Are you ready to figure out what your ideal life looks like? We only have one life to live, and it’s time for us to live it! Live it free of other people’s bullshit, and free of all the things we think want, and none of the things that we actually NEED.


Week 3 | DELETE! Smash Them Obstacles!

What is holding you back? We all have 1000 things, obligations, and people who are standing between where we are, and where we want to be. It’s time to determine what those are, and get rid of them. This is a new year. It’s time to get rid of all the stuff that was holding you back in 2020 and make room for more of YOU in 2021.


Week 4 | Create It! Do it! Get It Done! 

In our final week together, we will focus on those values that we discovered earlier on, and develop a plan based on the picture that you created for the life that you want to live! This is the time for you!

We are going to develop a maintenance plan to stay on track and keep heading in the direction of freedom. Freedom to live a life spending less time doing, and more time being. Being present, being available to yourself, and just BEING!

What else do I get Dana??

**4 weeks of group coaching with ME & a group of like-minded women!** 

**One, 30-minute 1 on 1 coaching session with ME**

**All recordings from our 4 weeks of work together**

**Your very own workbook to track your progress**

**Online Facebook community for group and individual accountability**

This is for the busy woman, who is tired. She is tired of running around and never getting anything done. She is exhausted and overdoing everything for everyone else, and none of it is for her. Does this describe you? Then this is FOR YOU! 


How does this work?? 

We will meet virtually on a weekly basis. These sessions will happen on Sunday evenings for 4 weeks as a group beginning Sunday, January 10th.

You will have the time of your life connecting and engaging with other women who are ready. Ready to make a change, and need mutual support in making those changes. 

A digital workbook will be sent to you, to help you follow along, make notes, and ultimately, make necessary CHANGES.

You will have one 30-minute 1:1 coaching session with ME!

All group sessions will be recorded. So if you are missing a session, or want to re-watch it, you can do that! It never hurts to hear something twice. It only hurts to half-listen, half hear, and mostly miss.

Stressed Woman